January 22, 2014

Later, bitch

I love texture. My affection for fuzz and fur and fluff and plush is matched only by a complementary affinity for the slick and sleek and shiny. 

I wore a shaggy vintage faux-fur coast to celebrate Christmas at my aunt an uncle's house in West Covina. They had adopted little Mario as a newborn over two years ago and were just getting to know him as the funny, weird-ass kid that he would grow into. As I was leaving for the night, piled high with gifts and tamales, he waived from the doorway and shouted "Bye bye doggie!" and everyone burst into laughter. 

Behind the thin membrane of fashion cred is a good joke waiting to be said aloud.


Dulcie Emerson said...

I am obsessed with fuzzy textures too! I have so many wool boucle suits and coats. I love your style!
Dulcie x

Kallie, Happy Honey and Lark said...

Haha I love you. Can you narrate my life for me?

Texture forever!