November 27, 2013


vintage dress via TLO // thrifted cardigan // topshop boots // modcloth shades // socks c/o united airlines

It sounds crazy, but I am just now starting to feel settled again in Los Angeles. My (amazing, wonderful) protracted stay in Paris had put all of my plans on hold for a few months, and I am working to finish this book while also in the process of getting a job, a car, and various other trappings of adulthood. Speaking of which, there's an awesome Middle-Class Cosplay Convention (MCCC) happening this weekend. It's called Brunch. Do you wanna go with me?


Sable said...

I have severe want for those mary-janes. Please tell me Top shop STILL might stock them?

Cornelia said...

Your style is so cute! And unique! Wow! :D