February 13, 2013

Worlds Collide

As you  might know, despite my best efforts to wring some income out of this blog, writing about art is my trade, and I usually try to keep the two separate, because the Art World doesn't exactly view the fashion blogosphere as the bleeding edge of critical discourse. My dream is to parlay my art writing practice into more conversations about fashion—but opportunities to write about clothes outside of a thinly-veiled marketing context are few and far between, so I'm very excited about my latest gig reviewing fashion monographs at the Art Book Review. Fashion and art are increasingly in cahoots with one another, and while I admit that art and fashion are working at cross-purposes more often than not, collaborations between them are becoming a fact of of both worlds, so I'm a big advocate of approaching them with as much intelligence, integrity and creativity as possible. In this case, the collision is a three-way between publishing house Taschen, i-D magazine, and Rei Kawakubo. My review of the oversized tome is up now, and you may click here to read it.

*on a completely different note, thank you to everyone who cleaned out the For Show shop. There will be another update coming soon! I think!

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