February 24, 2013

Check One Two


blouse, suede skirt, fur coat, and bag - vintage // shoes - asos 
I'm pretty terrible at layering for the unpredictable bay area weather. In Los Angeles I handled the relatively simple arithmetic of top + bottom + jacket with great aplomb, but in order to get through the day up here you have to factor in cardigan + tights ÷ socks ± gloves × hat, and that could go on for ∞ and I do not like it. This little coat from Mercy Vintage in Oakland (hands down one of my favorite vintage stores) is a godsend in its warmth; I can just throw it over a naked blouse and call it a day.

This little 1960s top was on sale at Mercy as well, and such a steal that I immediately had to 'gram it. Someone on Instagram commented that it looked very Louis Vuitton S/S '13—that's definitely what came to mind when I spotted it, but I loved the force and simplicity of that whole collection, so it was a no-brainer to pick up something so referential to it. But of course, that collection, which is new, is actually referencing the era contemporary to this shirt, which is old... so... there's a bit of fashion-reference-ouroboros occurring here, and I'm afraid the space-time continuum will collapse if I elaborate any further. Some critics don't seem very excited about the impending umpteenth wave of mod-inspired fashion, but graphic prints have always been near and dear to my heart, and they're so hard to find when the trend is in low tide. I could do a whole series on the multi-faceted nature of my love affair with checkerboard—oomph, I just freaking might.

After all, black + white = duh.



Your hair is getting so long, which means it has been far too long since I've seen you. I don't know if I'll ever get used to the layering that's required for comfort in the Bay. It feels so cumbersome at times.

Bianca said...

them shoes are fie as hell! You're so inspiring!

Jenn K, RETROgypsy said...

Oh how I adore Mercy Vintage. It's good and also bad news that I live only 3 blocks away! Jealous you snatched up that top before I could. I think I need those shoes, too.

Zuley said...

Everyone seems to be getting the best use out of their fur coats. I wish I could too!

I like the color of yours.