July 31, 2012

Pearls Before Swine

vintage dress & cardigan // thrifted purse // dollar store ring // Faryl Robin shoes

     Sterling bought me this black denim dress from NO Shop in the Mission. It's covered in tiny pearls, which I love because most 90s dresses like this are covered in studs or rhinestones and scream NINETIES! I'M FROM THE NINETIES! which is fine... I just want to tone it down a bit, raise the voice just enough so the people in the next booth can overhear.
     The sweater is one of my oldest thrift scores - it's cream cashmere under black lace that came with a big white fur collar that snaps on. I like leaving it off and letting the metal snaps show. I'm sure it would have looked so weird like this in the 1950s, but I like running around with a half-naked cardigan.
      I wore this to see Dan Clowes and Chris Ware have a discussion about comics and whatnot at the Oakland Museum of California on Friday evening. I normally don't go to these things, because even though they're free you have to have loads of time to kill waiting in line if you actually want to get in, but I recently did an interview with Clowes so the museum people saved me a seat. The mister I tried seeing John Waters give a talk at CCA earlier this year. We got there two hours early—silly us—and the line was already around the block, so we got ice cream instead and watched A Dirty Shame at home on Netflix instant. The only other time we successfully made it to a "talk" at a museum was to watch Kenneth Anger at The Hammer Museum ramble into a microphone for two hours about how everybody is ripping him off these days and the Jonas Brothers taking over the world and we should all buy clothes from Agn├ęs B.

It was awesome.

July 23, 2012

On the Beat

vintage silk blouse // thrifted skirt // vintage loafers
I admit that my previous post was rather #bleak, but I was in a bleak mood. I remember getting those photos back from the film shop and thinking wow, these are bleak. I'll just hang onto them and post them when I'm in a really bad mood. Most people try to cheer themselves up when they're down, but I like to get down in it. Really just rake my hands through the existential mire, get it all up under my fingernails, scream the scream of abject human despair, etc. etc...

But it can't rain all the time, so here's some photos from a really awesome day I had at the press preview for the Cindy Sherman retrospective at SFMOMA. Museum press events are one of my favorite things EVAR—you get to view exhibitions before they open to the public, a chance to speak directly with the curators and artists, and the opportunity to meet other writers. And food. Which I'm always a fan of. I'm working on kind of a wacky piece about the show, which should be up on ArtSlant soon (here is the last review I did, of an abstract group show at Hedge Gallery, a fancy design gallery in the financial district).

I got this extremely blousy-blouse at a resale shop near my parents house in Whittier. It's kind of crazy, and my boyfriend says the sleeves look like medieval gauntlets, but I got a lot of nice compliments on outfit, so there. One lady lady actually tapped me on the shoulder to say she liked my blouse, then confessed "I thought maybe you were the artist in disguise."

closeup of gauntlets

July 19, 2012


fred perry shirt // opening ceremony skirt // vintage jacket // thrifted docs

July 16, 2012

Conquering Fear

shirt - vintage // skirt - FancyFine vintage // sandals - asos // straw tote - Target (two dollars, y'all!)
There are two important things happening here: one, I have once again dared to venture near the taco truck that almost killed my boyfriend, and two, I'm wearing sandals. 

This taco truck is right across the street from our apartment. It's hard not to eat there, even though it pales in comparison to the many taco trucks we were blessed by in our old Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. But one day, not even falfway through a chicken torta, the mister threw it out, noting that it was stuffed what is known as goober-chicken or wiggly-chicken—the cheap, fat-ridden dregs of the bird suitable only for making the pink goo that goes into mcnuggets and such. Sure enough, he was treated to twenty-four hours of sweat inducing vomiting and nausea. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I'm still tempted to get couple tacos from there because they're so cheap and it's right across the street and they're open until 3 am, but that's just because I'm an absolute horror of a human being. I really only go there to buy bottles of Mexican Coca-Cola, which is harder to find up here than it is in LA. 

Now. I don't categorically despise the entire facet of footwear known as sandals, but I tend to avoid them, because it's hard to find a pair that flatters the terrifying mutant appendages known as my feet. I wear a lot of weird heels; I walk around in them as long as I can stand it because I don't have a car, and after a few years of this the heels have taken their toll (I knew I crossed a line, some one-way bridge of Gross Womanhood, when the ladies at the nail salon started slapping on latex gloves before administering my pedicure). It's either sexy shoes or sexy feet, I say, you can't have it both ways. I have chosen the former, but summer brings on new sets of problems trying to find comfortable, casual, breathable shoes for the day. These jobbies were on sale at ASOS and so far have addressed every aspect of my sandal-fear. I like that they're relatively simple, they cover the portion of my feet I hate the most, the gold color looks good next to my skin, and they go with just about everything. I cannot stress what a huge leap of confidence it is that I let someone get this near to my nearly naked feet with a camera. Who knows what's next—maybe it's time to give that wiggly-chicken another shot.

July 12, 2012

Lo-Fi Ladies

all photos from Ashley
Good times with good ladies. I'll be missing a couple of 'em pretty soon.

July 8, 2012

Poppin' Off

Death on a leisurely bike ride
TabbiSocks display - I went home with about six pairs.

vintage skirt and top

Ashley's crimson shoes // my dollar store ring that broke before the end of the night
new-to-me vintage Ferragamos // Annalise's dove-grey suede heels

Miss Ashley Miller, who had a ton of pretty 60s clothes
two Hummingbird Girls, and one gesticulating man
The Vintage Pop Up at Asterisk headquarters was a huge success! I was nervous about selling vintage for the first time, but I met a bunch of cool girls who seemed stoked on my selection. Things got super busy, what with clothes flying left and right, girls getting half-naked trying things on, exasperated boyfriends in folding chairs, free-flowing champagne, and me in the middle of it all, hurriedly stuffing a burrito in my face while helping girls style their new vintage duds (tip: a burrito goes with everything). It was stressful at first, but then my dimly-remembered past life in retail came into focus, the rusty old Customer Service motor sputtered to life, and so help me god I sold the shit out of some shit. And met some smart / wonderful / amazing folks in the process.

It was a lot of work, but I'm psyched to do it again. Perhaps next time I won't wear a fluttery wrap skirt that serves up vagina al fresco with every breeze.

July 5, 2012

4th of Joo-like?

vintage blouse // cardigan from clothing swap // AA shorts // UO shoes // straw bag from Target

So. This is my ridiculous 4th of July outfit. The blouse is vintage I. Magnin from eBay. I can only assume it was made sometime around 1976, for the country's bicentennial, since when else is there occasion to manufacture such a super earnest, over-the-top, cheeseball piece of clothing? (don't answer that question). Somehow I feel more comfortable wearing it every other day of the year except the 4th of July. The sunglasses are from a thrift store in Joshua Tree—very apropos as well.

Sterling and I spent the holiday with Ashley and her man, who grilled so proper: burgers, dogs, kababs, steaks, sausages, and S'MORES. I think I ate at least two of everything. Now it's back to the grind, fixing some professional SNAFUs that came to my attention in the middle of the night... which seems to be the magic hour of bad news. Seriously, have you ever received a call at 3 am informing you about some fresh muffins that are on their way? No.

Don't forget! Tomorrow is the Golden Collective Vintage Pop-Up Shop at Asterisk headquarters, just a few blocks from 24th St Mission BART. You can RSVP and get more details here.