June 29, 2012

Droopy Arms

Very busy right now—feeling easy separates with docs n' socks, no makeup.

June 28, 2012

Vintage Pop-Up Shop

 Quite stoked indeed to be selling vintage wares with the Golden Collective ladies next Friday evening. I'm no career vintage seller, but I am a vintage hoarder, and long overdue for some major spring cleaning. Many of the pieces are from my own closet and priced to sell (I will also be equipped to take credit and debit cards)! Ashley is downsizing her dreamy personal wardrobe as well—this is looking to be the best GC Vintage Sale yet, so come by, at least for a glass of champagne...

June 26, 2012

Joshua Tree, pt. 2 (day)

Nothing says summer like a couple of lazy days at the Joshua Tree Inn. It's 100 degrees and there's nothing to do but lounge by the pool, catch up on a book, drink margaritas by day and cold beers by night. On the way back we hit the thrift stores on 29 Palms Highway and stumbled across a little t-shirt printing shop where we made these hats (we go together like art & commerce, see)? Sterling ended up pinning them to the wall as a piece in is most recent art show. Not for sale, bien sur.

June 23, 2012

Forever Free

blouse , heels - thrifted // skirt - AA // tote bag - OaxacArt // ring - some shit-ass mall punk store
Just about everything I'm wearing I bought in southern California. The shirt I found in Joshua Tree, the heels I found in Whittier, and the bag I found at a little flea market at the Catholic church across the street from my Grandma's house in Boyle Heights. There's really no way to completely avoid Foggy Foot with plastic shoes like this—the saving grace is the fact that they're half a size too big. It allows for air flow and keeps my unfortunate little peetsies from looking like greasy, smashed li'l smokies.

My hair is a little more neat these days due to my first professional haircut in nearly six years. I think haircuts in general are insanely expensive, so here's to another six years of drunken hair adventures with sewing shears!

June 17, 2012

Wrong Way Up

shirt - thrifted // skirt - AA // heels - asos
Here's the first round of photos from Los Angeles; as you can see I was off to a pretty good start. I picked up this leather blouse (!!!) from Out of the Closet just before leaving the bay. It's hot but so beautiful, and everyone wants to touch it (especially the drunks). I wore it our first night in LA to see Pierced Arrows in downtown. It was super loud, but somehow my girl Elisa and I were able to go off in a corner and catch up over beers. We finished it all off at the Brite Spot in Echo Park, where I am happy to report that the chicken tenders are judiciously coated in corn flakes and sliced almonds. It's the fanciest a chicken tender can get before you simply have to start calling it something else... seriously, I've been eating nothing but diner food all week. I have to find a pear.

June 14, 2012

Day to Night

suede skirt, silk blouse, woven bag - thrifted // beret - vintage // shoes - flea market // sweater - Andrew's
Sterling says berets are the calling card of "unbalanced theater-girls" but I still bought two of them while we were out thrifting last week. In high school my thing was matching my tights to my berets - I had them in just about every color. I gave them all away years ago, and am just starting to build up a little hat wardrobe again (albeit with some notable changes in style).

I'm still in socal... many pictures to come as soon as I get them developed.

June 10, 2012

Fifty Shades of Beige

skirt - thrifted // shirt - Romwe // coat - vintage, thrifted // shoes - TopShop

... gross right? It's hard not to reference the latest form of recherch√© sex sublimated for delicate suburban tastes  when the sex shop right next door to your favorite bakery has dedicated an entire window display to it. Pffffffft. But I am also referencing the only piece of advice I ever took seriously from a mass-market fashion magazine (in between all those tips on How To Please Your Man and op eds about the cosmetic side affects of birth control, some of them do, in fact, talk about clothes—what? It's between them and Redbook while I wait in line at the grocery store). Something about how pairing different shades of white tends to look better than trying to pair different shades of black. So there you have it - an optic white shirt, a buttercream coat, and bone-colored heels. I'm also a sucker with a capital -ER for anything two-tone. 

Moving on. I wore this to get drinks at the Tonga Room with the girls. I only ended up getting one drink, but it was the size, alcohol content, and price of about four. It took me all night to finish and I kept getting poked in the face by its array of tiny umbrellas and swords. 

Now for homework, please tell me your thoughts on Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

June 6, 2012

Field Trip: Oakland Museum of California

Sterling and I finally visited the Oakland Museum of California, which is shame, because we only live a few blocks away. The building itself is gorgeous, mid-century style concrete blocks amidst several huge gardens and lots of half indoor / half outdoor spaces. The content is a mix of the art, history and natural science of California, and these elements sometimes butt up against each other in confusing or unproductive ways, but overall the OMCA is more than worth taking the time to fully explore. Not least of which because of their current exhibition, Modern Cartoonist: The Art of Daniel Clowes. Im fact, I'm heading back there as soon as I finish this post...

...which is now.

June 3, 2012

Pants, Technically.

jeans - Acne hex cash // shirt - FreePeople // jacket - Marc Jacobs // shoes - DUH

It doesn't happen too often, but on days when I have a lot of errands to run (like climbing trees and skating to the liquor store), it's feels so good to wear a t-shirt and jeans. It's not that I don't like pants. Holy geez I LOVE pants, I just have a somewhat unique body type (I read in Lucky or some shit that it's called an apple-shaped body) and I'm very picky about how pants fit. I bought these Acnes back when I worked retail. Even with my discount I felt it was an exorbitant amount to pay for jeans, but in the six years since, I've yet to find anything that compares. They used to be jet black, and have less holes in the crotch, but as long as they maintain the general ergonomics of a pant, I will continue to wear them as such.