March 28, 2012

Bay Area Bounty, pt. 2

If I haven't been thrifting for a while, I'm usually rusty and impatient on my first trip back. I tend to roll my eyes every time another "Tips for Thrifting!" article pops up, but they're often true: be comfortable and be alert. My allergies don't help either; I can usually judge the success of a thrifting trip by how large my headache is at the end of it : /

But I did have incredible luck at the Salvation Army the other day - four sweet blouses and a pair of perfectly danceable red snakeskin heels. Just look at the print on that first blouse!

March 22, 2012


skirt, shoes, cardigan - thrifted / jacket - vintage Ranch Craft Originals / bag - AdeleShop / apostrophe pin - Will Brown Gallery
I found this scrap cloth for 3 bucks at the Vintage Expo (there's seriously a lot of deals to be had there). I don't know if I should leave well enough alone, or keep piling on the patches and whatnot, like a super nerdy battle-jacket...know where I can find a giant cheeseburger patch?

March 21, 2012

How the Other Half Lives

I recently did a little interview with Sara over at SF Indie Fashion. It was pouring rain and my power had gone out that morning, but Sara was really inquisitive and super nice despite my being kind of wet and frazzled. I'm sure you've had quite enough of this coat by now - I had just got it back from the tailor and have been wearing it just about every day since.

Normally I'm on the other side of the tape recorder; asking questions, trying my best to seem innocuous, and wondering why otherwise self-possessed people get so unnerved by talking about themselves. I get it now. I tried to have some answers ready in my head before meeting her, but I kind of brain farted and they went right out the window.

Perhaps it's for the best. Check it out here.

March 20, 2012


Note Rachel's Vanna-White hand. I'd like to buy everything on this table, Pat.
Jen looking at dresses - she looks cute even from the back.
Ashley trying on hats - "u like meh fancy hedwearz??"
Eyes glassing over at the sight of pretty things.

evil-lady leather gloves / Annalise's amazing bubblegum-pink coat
Isla with her new yellow lace skirt + top set
By dint of a dying battery and my clumsily leather-clad hands, only a small percentage of the pictures I took inside the Vintage Expo turned out. But you get the idea: the expo is fun and amazing and you're a dummy if you don't go next time around...!

March 18, 2012

Carpetbaggin' / Gerrymanderin'

coat - vintage, eBay / bag - vintage, thrifted / shoes - Steve Madden (would you believe?) / shades - Painted Bird
Yesterday I lost my Vintage Fashion Expo virginity. I normally think of these things as museum-quality exhibitions—and there were a few booths as such—but to my serendipity there were quite a few cheap and affordable vendors as well. Right now I'm sorting through dozens of photos beautiful clothes and happy ladies (and maybe one or two unhappy dudes), but here's some quick snaps of my outfit that Rachel took just outside the venue. I figured this was the most opportune time to break out the crazy. I really love the black background and unique shape of this coat - the sleeves sit really wide and flat and—dare I say it—remind me ever-so-slightly of the wide proportions and bold florals of the latest Comme des Garçons collection. I went with a full vintage look for the expo, but scrolling through the CDG the slideshow makes me think of ways to wear it in a more 21st century way. Ankle socks = duh. And perhaps a Low Card beanie...for spite...

March 16, 2012

Rainy Day Routines

hat - Mishka / sweatshirt - vintage (John Lucero for Schmitt Stix)
I'm still not used to the rain. It bums me out and makes me reluctant to dress nicely; because dressing nice involves a shower and a shower involves getting naked and wet and those are two things I'm loathe to do when it's already wet and I feel naked 'cause I haven't mastered the uniquely San Francisco technique of layering. While I'm hibernating, though, I like to use the time to take care of things that I'm normally too busy to—like reorganizing my desk and listening to Death in June and unclogging my pores.

 I'm still mesmerized by pore strips. Gross!