December 23, 2011

Wrapping Up

Greetings from Southern California! I'm snuggled up at my parents' house after a whirlwind few days. I turned 27 on Sunday, flew down to Long Beach on Monday, had a minor operation on Tuesday morning (a routine follow-up procedure for the surgery I had back in July), came home Wednesday night and now I'm in bed, sipping Mexican hot chocolate, being generally thankful and pretty overwhelmed by everything that's happened this year.

I took this right before leaving my apartment to get to the airport - wearing a super cute little teeth pin that Marie was nice enough to send me. People keep asking if I'm a dentist.

There's cheetahs on the back of my shirt. My dad took this as I was waiting to pick up some god-awful shit at the pharmacy. What is it, you ask? Well, whenever you have tummy surgery, you need to be all spic n' span down in there, so that means no food whatsoever the day before and—this is the best part—you get to drink a gallon of laxative. No joke, a GALLON. It tastes like lemon gatorade and latex gloves, and I think you can pretty much ascertain what goes on after that.

Anyway, the shirt is vintage and was my birthday present to myself.

Here's me right after surgery. I'm wearing t-shirt Sterling designed for Blood is the New Black that says "Don't Be A Pussy". The nurses thought it was very funny. 

....and here I am only a day later! The dollar store near my parents' house has tons of weird rings right now. I may have bought 5 or 10 or 20 of them.

Have a super Merry Christmas, count your blessings and try not to be a dick to your family. Sorry if I got too personal there know...laxatives...and stuff....

Actually, I'm not sorry at all. Peace!

December 20, 2011

Field Trip: Beat by the Bay

In the midst of writing four papers for finals last week, I managed to attend opening for retrospective of Beat visual artists at the Ever Gold gallery in the Tenderloin. It's a tiny, interesting space run by two ambitious young men who also publish and write for the San Francisco Arts Quarterly (it's free, and the current issue has a great interview with Chris Burden). Click on any of the pictures above to read my review for ArtSlant, which perhaps comes off as more ambivalent than I would like, for I really did enjoy the show; a fitting introduction the SF arts scene for a butt-head Angeleno like me.

I hope you're enjoying the holidays. I'm getting an actual digital camera soon, so you can look forward to sharper outfit posts and art stuff and other stuff. 

December 12, 2011


Waiting at the BART station to go have a drink with Rachel on Friday night. Wearing a vintage coat and TopShop heels. The top photo is from her Instagram and the bottom one is from mine - can you tell which one of us is rocking the older iphone?

December 10, 2011


Had a wonderful day palling around Chinatown with Sterling, scoring some goods at Salvation Army, and enjoying pan-asian cuisine from questionable establishments...

Taking a breather in the furniture section. Wearing a striped blouse from Mousevox Vintage, thrifted green leather skirt, Marc Jacobs jacket and (duh) chucks.

This store carried Angry Birds slippers. I wanted them.

Sorry for the janky photos - It was kind of dark in there. I only have two more papers to write before Wednesday and then I'll be free for the holidays!

December 4, 2011

It was all whirlwind, heat and flash

I took a little break this morning to grab scones from Arizmendi bakery after pulling an all-nighter to finish my final Art History paper. Wearing a Marc Jacobs motorcycle jacket, old UO dress, and vintage boots from Pretty Penny in Oakland. The embroidery is so bright - I get stopped and complimented every time I wear them!