November 30, 2011

Doll Hairs

From about 12 to 22, I had short hair. Short, like Michelle Williams pixie-cut short, with some stages of mohawkery and once instance of full-blown head shaving. I started growing it out about 4 years ago, because I dunno, I hadn't had long hair since I was a little girl and I wanted to try my hand at being conventionally attractive. It was a good run, but I had a li'l freakout in my bathroom last night and I got something in between Louise Brooks and Anna Wintour.

My haircuts are almost always a result of existential crisis with a pair of Friskars. I'm sort of freaked out by how much more...out there my face is now, but it's growing on me. My style was starting to feel a little one-dimensional with all that hair. I'm sure it sounds weird because my hair has been long since I started this blog, but short feels a little more me.

November 26, 2011

In Your Hood

A few pictures from the launch party in Venice Beach for a collaboration Sterling did with Hoodie Buddie. They're a company that makes hoodies with earbuds in the drawstrings and a headphone jack coming out of the pocket. I don't wear sweatshirts really, but they've revolutionized my daily run—even though people stare because I've got  hoodie drawstrings coming out my ears.

Skinner (who I think looks exactly like Mike Mills), me, Sterling

That's our friend Casey on the right, doing some sort of sexy snake dance. I wore a red leather halter top from Painted Bird in Los Angeles, because it was our last night in Los Angeles and I said fuck it.

(photos by Mike Hill)

November 22, 2011

Oh my Goth

A couple photos from an awesome post Ashley did about Annalise's goth-themed birthday party (the last one is from my Fujifilm camera - I dig the b+w treatment). Click here to see the rest!

November 21, 2011

Space is the Place

It's a typical to be a feature of writers' workmode to remain aggressively dressed down when they are writing. Shameful descriptions of mismatched slippers, t-shirts from ex-lovers, and pajamas with cartoon characters, etc. are common when reading about writers at work. I have to dress to work. As a full-time student with freelance work in lieu of a part-time job, my home is my office, library, studio, and coffeeshop. Getting fully dressed to work keeps me alert and delineates work time from leisure time (though I must stress here that there are no cartoon characters to be found anywhere in my "relaxing-around-the-house" wardrobe, either).

This is what I wore cooped up in the house all day Saturday, working on an art history paper and putting the finishing touches on the latest issue of Blood is the New Black magazine. It's getting better every time; I can't wait to show it to you!

Need to learn how to crack a smile

The coral sweater is from Community Thrift in SF, and the skirt is Jeremy Scott via Wasteland in LA. Community is a popular thrifting spot in the Mission, but despite the crowds I always find something awesome there, including the Blues Brothers soundtrack on vinyl (!) I have yet to visit the Wasteland store in the Haight—I hear it's good.

this Star-Trek looking ring is from F21
I freaking love the moon-print! With all plaids and florals I have, it's nice to find a weird, modern print for contrast. Classic shapes with modern prints are my favorite...

My apartment, god bless it, has built-in bookshelves. There are still random stacks of books piled around...

Candela NYC oxfords
Okay, back to work. No rest for the weary. I'm trying to get to a good stopping place before Thanksgiving—I sadly can't make it down to LA tosee my family, but I'm excited towhip up turkey dinner on my own for the first time. Wish me luck!

November 18, 2011

Black n' White

Celebrated the last day of bay area bare-legged weather this week. My wardrobe is sorely lacking in practical cold-weather wear, but I'll have to wait and see how stupid I feel going to school in faux-fur coats before buying anything else.

This vintage Bergdorf Goodman knit cardigan is from my BFF Elisa. She's a pretty good picker, and when we both lived in LA she would let me go through her hauls before putting them on eBay. I was reminded of this vintage Ralph Lauren button-down by a certain Zara shirt that keeps popping up on my RSS...not that I don't want that one as well...

Apologies for squinty face - overcast days can be sneakily bright

I get so much wear out of this AA skirt, I have to tear myself away from it sometimes. It's simple, structured, and the perfect counterpoint for prim, printed blouses. I originally found one for 8 bucks at Buffalo Exchange, but when I needed the next size down, I was miffed to find that the thing retails for $45 in AA stores. I mean, it's great, but it's essentially a little circle of cotton with a zipper. Luckily, I found another one second-hand at Painted Bird in Los Angeles, in my size. Chalk it up to my pathological inability to pay full-retail for anything...

These socks are from Target, would you believe? The buttons are real! I picked them up last year, I should have bought five pairs of them...

November 12, 2011

Field Trip: San Francisco Sock Market

I've told you about the sock thing before. I was psyched to have another sock adventure with Marie of Agent Lover. Where else, but...

Marie was visiting the bay area from Los Angeles and I really wanted to be able to show her around, but seeing as I just got here myself, I don't know anything about that little-hole-in-the-wall spot with the best whatever-it-is, or that amazing dive bar off the something-or-other where the rad-stuff happens some-night-of-the-week. I figured socks and burgers were a safe bet for a blind ladydate. Do you agree, Marie? Marie? Helloooooo!?

We had pre-game burgers at Hard Rock Café in Fisherman's Wharf. I don't know how we could possibly be any more touristy. Well, I was THISCLOSE to suggesting we eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.. but I'm not proud of it. Afterward we made our way to the Sock Market, which, in reality, is the size of Claire's boutique.


 I wore one of my favorite thrift finds - I've had this paintstroke-print dress for almost seven years now.

Agent Lover approved!
Something for everyone...
No really. Everyone.

I ended up taking these pink, winky-face numbers home with me.

Thanks for hanging, Marie! Let's do it again soon...with booooooooze.

pics via my Hipstamatic and Marie's twitter.

November 8, 2011

Liebe Me Be

David Liebe Hart frequented this coffeeshop I used to work at in Downtown LA. After long day of busking in front of Walt Disney Concert Hall, he would roll up, eat soup, draw pictures for me, and generally spout his craziness for hours while I cleaned up. This happened almost every night.

Having exhausted everyone else's good graces, latched onto mine. Whatever. His conspiracy theories are sort of next-level crazy, his party stories aren't fit to repeat, and he always had a mouthful to say about perceived abuses he suffered at the hands of Tim and Eric, but I liked having company while I closed. I'd say he's still got a teeny plot of real estate in my heart. I kept all the portraits he did of me, and one he did of Sterling with a dragon.

I think his outfit in this photo is amazing. How many shirts is he wearing, like eight...teen?

November 7, 2011


Quick post to show you my print-mixing skills, which will apparently come in very handy this spring. I'm wearing a vintage palm-tree print cardigan from the Melrose Trading Post, and a silk tie-dye bustier tank I bought from some sidewalk sale at the Warehouse Shoe Sale in Echo Park. On the weekends they roll out racks and racks of weird F21 samples and overstock for about $5 apiece (he who seeks beauty will find it).

I just spent my last weekend in Los Angeles for a while. Missing it so much, but happy to be experiencing another city.

 Little skull charm that always looks like he's laughing at you. What, what is it? Do you have something in your teeth?
Thrifted lace-ups. These are the next best thing to going barefoot.

The mister and I are working on our teeny tiny apartment at the moment. I like the way our stuff is coming together...I'll share some pictures as soon as it's done. Peace!