June 26, 2011

The Loved One

 Took a little timeout on Thursday to visit The Loved One shop in Pasadena. I had merely wanted to poke around and say hello, not really knowing what to expect, but I'm happy to report that Hannah and her partner Elvia have created an amazing store. How they manage to cram so many special pieces in that tiny little shop remains yet to be proven by science.

 I walked out with a handmade, 1950s cotton day dress (that fits like a glove! A tight glove) and an insane, jet-setter-by-way-of-tetris blouse that I'm sure to wear this week. The salesgirl Lauren was very sweet - we ended up chatting for almost an hour while my boyfriend surreptitiously flipped me the bird at regular intervals.

June 18, 2011

Summer Coattails

I don't know where these maxi-skirt lobbyists are getting their numbers, because right now everything short short short. Chicks left and right wandering around in mini skirts and crop-tops. Kind of like this strange vest / pinafore thingy I got from the Silverlake Farmers Market. I love that it's high-low; and not in the "I loooooove to mix designer with vintage" type way. I mean it's high in the front...

and low in the back! It's like a mullet top (actually, that's gross. Forget I said that), but it does have tails that make this plain AA skirt look sortof like a color-blocked dress. The mister mentioned that my new vesty thing reminded him of something the flying monkeys in Wizard of Oz might wear, making charming primate noises and doing a little jig in order to drive home his point, which got lost somewhere in the mix...

sliver of belly may or may not be contributing to the color-blockedness
It's from the brand XOXO, which I remember thinking was so insanely cool in gradeschool (along with French Toast, All that Jazz, Judy, et al), and now thanks to the alarmingly shrinking trend cycle coupled with the explosion of vintage resellers invading every nook and cranny of my neighborhood, I can play out my childhood fashion fantasies. Woo! Tumblr! Movies and stuff! Triangles! Animated GIFs! Walgreens!

I think it goes without saying that the key to maintaining the confidence and je ne sais quoi required to pull off a crop-top means avoiding any type of meal that calls for the unbuttoning of the skirt or pants, and I'm proud to say that I almost made it.

Happy Summer!

June 4, 2011

I Luh You

Got a little thing goin' on with my nails, dress and ring today.