December 23, 2010

Save Yourself

Going along with end-of-the-year looking at old stuff bit, I wanted to share these notes I saved/found from junior high. Did any of you do this? It's only thing all that Sanrio stationery our parents wasted money on was good for. Everyone laid claim to a different character. I messed around with Spotty Dottie for a while and eventually settled on Keroppi the frog, because...I mean...look at him.

Weenie was my nickname since I was a baby up through high school. My oldest friends still call me that.

Vanessa was up on all the hot folding techniques (my thing was layout - I wrote in spirals, wrote in code, made puzzles, and eventually it got so complicated no one read my notes). I haven't opened these in years because I'm afraid I won't be able to fold them back again.

Front and back 

 Many of our notes revolved around the cultural misadventures of two characters known as Chinaman and Chinawoman. Needless to say, they were not adjusting well to their new life in America. One of my last notes to Vanessa had the pair kicking flowers and wondering whether or not they should go back to China. Judge me if you must, but the series was a hit in Miss Jasso's science class.

I have a shoebox full of these somewhere. I used them to make a prop bulletin board for the Superhumanoids video I did earlier this year and it was very emotional. Call it method production-design : )

Have a Merry Christmas! Be nice to your parents!

December 19, 2010

Dorkus Malorkus


I was doing a bit of year-end digital cleanup and, inspired by this hilarious Onion segment, sought out my long-neglected Friendster profile. I must be 18 or 19 in these photos, and apparently I thought I had it going on. I also had all my angles worked out - this would serve me well after the mass exodus to MySpace, an account I canceled long ago and sadly forgot to save any pictures from.

I don't think I'll be pairing fence-net stockings with a Glen-plaid coat anytime soon, but I'm sort of endeared to how I used to dress myself (even though my peers made me suffer for it). It reminds me of a time before fashion blogs when there was no point of reference against the notions of cool you worked out in your head.

December 17, 2010

Can't Buy Me Love

My mom got sick (or "succumbed to the vapors" as the Victorians would say) and couldn't make it to my family birthday dinner. She sent money in her stead, and though it did little to ease the pain, I did happen to be wearing a fetching vintage sweater.

December 7, 2010

Happy Holidays

Two separate events, though this is pretty much the face I made when I saw this car parked around the corner from my apartment.

top photo by Thomas/ bottom by me, Echo Park, 2010