February 22, 2010

Christopher Kane

I'm rarely moved to do a post like this (it's really the first time I've been so inclined) because there are already many good blogs reposting + commenting on runway photos, but I would like to talk about why I love Christopher Kane - specifically his A/W 10 collection, around which I sense an air of disapproval from otherwise nice, intelligent people:

I definitely had an emotional reaction to this collection. What can I say? He essentially mashed together parts from my every failed adolescent thrift-store jaunt (patent leather, awkward lace, staid floral embroidery) elements that I cooly passed over in search of itchy mod shifts and secretary blouses, and shoved them back in my face as something entirely new and cool and sexy. What I respect about Christopher Kane is what he makes of pedestrian design elements that are often used to disguise shortcuts in cheaper clothing. He makes them into the kind of fashiony shit that precious few of us will actually don. What a certain kind of girl once rejected, he makes you crave. I find that so enjoyable. It gives his clothes a sense of humor without being cute or whimsical. That in and of itself is exceedingly difficult to pull off. I don't just picture myself wearing these clothes, I recognize myself in them. It brings to mind young Tavi tearing up upon seeing Comme Des Garcons A/W 09, the soft blanket-jacket hybrids, diaphanous coats and toes on the brogues that evoke such vulnerability and curiosity. It's an intensely personal experience, so while I understand that Sarah Mower feels a "vision-changing nausea brought on by witnessing something cheap and tasteless being transformed into fashion at speed," I feel like I'm being gently gibed about my own pursuit of cool. And I think it's beautiful.

Rough Weekend


February 11, 2010

She Was Always Kind Of

I've ordered Girl Power and Weetzie Bat from Amazon. I am going to retroactively understand myself.


Cafe Chango, 2009

February 3, 2010

Welcome to LA, Jeffy D!

It seems like the Jeffery Deitch/MOCA news reached full bloom and withered within a week.

Hoawt Doawg

Reading the reactions to his move is entertaining, to be sure -the contempt masquerading as concern over his commercial background, the vague, diplomatic exclamations about change and a few unadulterated adulations over his suits - but soon it will be time to see what the fuck is UP with Jeffrey and the non-profit machine, as opposed to all the commercial gallerygasmism.